Ways to keep you marriage sweet and simple

Ways to keep you marriage sweet and simple

It’s no secret that relationships take work. It’s also no secret that most people want to have — and maintain — a happy, healthy marriage.
If you are unhappy in your marriage or current relationship, print these out, post them to the fridge and start to act on them. Though some of them may seem quite simplistic and/or impossible,  but if you follow them to the best of your ability, your misery level will go down precipitously and you will remember what it is like to be in love with your mate.
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1. An eye for an eye will leave both husband and wife blind. Learn to overlook minor offenses and to forgive your spouse.
Love is an endless act of forgiveness.

If you’ve both got a forgiving heart in your relationship you will never get to the point where you engage in physical or emotional abuse of each other.


2. Don’t turn your bedroom into a courtroom. Quarrels and arguments have no place in the bedroom. Let your bedroom be a place of peace, love and intimacy



3. Do not let your parents and your siblings, and your friends interfere in your marriage. Anything that you share with parents, siblings and friends behind your spouse’s back is defiling and weakening the sacred bond that exists between you and your spouse.


4. Marriage is Teamwork. Marriage flourishes when both husband and wife understand that winning together is more important than keeping score.


5.True marriage oneness cannot be achieved by married people who do not practice financial oneness. Whatever you do separately, will separate you. Do things together.


6. Be romantic Show your spouse that he/she is your BAE “Before Anything Else”


7. There is no my money or your money in marriage, regardless of who earns more or less.. Even if only one spouse works outside the home and earns all the money, it’s still our money.


8. You’re not married to an angel. Accept your spouse’s imperfections. Marital happiness is not automatic. It takes the combined effort of husband and wife to make marriage work.
The perfect marriage is one that is made up of two imperfect people who are held together by a Perfect love.


9. One of the most loving and sweetest things you can do for your spouse is to pray for him/her thanking God for bringing him/her in your life.
A husband and wife who pray together, plan together and play together share a deep level of intimacy that cannot be created any other way.

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10. Apologizing when you’re wrong is always the right thing to do. Don’t give excuses. Don’t seek to blame others. Don’t be tempted to explain. Just apologize and take 100% responsibility for your actions.


11. Hit the bedroom
“If your sex life is diminishing or you’re not having sex as often as one partner in the relationship would like, then you have to make getting your intimate life back on track a priority,

By Dapo Lodafriq


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