About Us



A wedding is the most auspicious occasion. That two people have found each other and are willing to commit to spending the rest of their lives together is nothing short of a miracle. Wedding events are moments of unparalleled joy. There are many different styles of weddings based on the traditions of the families involved. On all occasions, weddings are probably the occasions where traditions are most observed. And this is why #YORUBAWEDDING stood out excellently among others to make our couple’s day a very special, rich in tradition and colorful experience altogether.

These are moments when we mark our relationship to life, history, and pleasant memories. At a wedding, we celebrate the beginning of the forming of a new family. The start of a very special thing in the world. At #YORUBAWEDDING, we make your dream wedding come true with a spark of unusual sweetness that brightens your day and streams of joy that stays with you on your marital journey!